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Sillimanite Bricks

Sillimanite Bricks
Sillimanite Bricks
Product Description
Sillimanite Bricks marketed by us, ensures a smooth, clean, and fine surface finish. These bricks are well-liked in the construction business. These bricks are made from sillimanite minerals using a high temperature firing method or slurry casting. Besides, they are a type of quality refractory brick with excellent properties such as high temperature wear resistance and high strength. It is designed to be used in high temperature furnaces such as blast furnaces, hot blast stoves, lime kilns, glass melting furnaces, and so on.

Applications of Sillimanite Bricks:

This refractory mineral with the best properties and characteristics finds use in many industries, such as:
  • Non-ferrous metal smelting
  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Metallurgy mineral processing
  • Ceramic
  • Building

Frequently Asked Questions:


What is sillimanite refractory?

Because JANTA sillimanite bricks are pre-high burnt, they are especially volume-stable in applications involving high temperatures. Despite the high burning, the collection includes cultivars with very low open porosity and exceptional thermal shock resistance.

What is a magnesite brick?

Due to their strength and heat resistance, magnesisite bricks are highly specialised bricks utilised in many sectors. It is a mineral that is found in nature and has the chemical formula MgCO3. It creates MgO, a refractory material, when burned. 


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